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What has been successful yesterday may not be true today and may not be fit as a recipe for tomorrow. Captured in one word - transformation. In the digital age the shift of time works in nano-seconds and chage happens at the speed of light. Compared to the speed of a horse and the traveling of sound our forefathers hailed fast paced we have arrived in a mindboggling age of virtual realities that can fool our natural senses. Whatever "Digital Transformation" means, its impact can be  instant! Tipping the digital domino off on one side makes ripples around the globe in less than a second. Even though such transformation is affecting many facets of live, it only reaches 4 Billion people! You mean - ONLY? -  this is half of earths population, right! Now think twice, where is the other half? How does it affect the other 4 Billion, if at all? Half the global population will not be part of the instant digital domino because they are not connected to the digital highway called internet. In the wake of digital change, what does this mean for world peace, equality, job opportunity and social cohesion? What does it mean for education and children that remain disconnected?

Looking forward to hear your throughts and opinions!

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