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NEW: PEER TO PEER DIGITAL LEARNING ..Promising methodology!
25. May 2024 | Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya
At St. Benedict Community Centre, offline digital Literacy is transforming the lives of children in Dandora. As we are convinced that every single child has something he/she is good at we started our Peer to Peer Digital Workshop. Goal has been to enable children who have mastered the use of the digital gadgets to guide those who still struggle to access the learning contents. The focus points were MsingiPack, Accessing grade contents and the Wikipedia as a reference source. The arrangement was one tablet for two children. It was exciting seeing children quickly learn from each other, going through their grade level contents and finding the meaning of challenging words from Wikipedia.  full report ...

HEAVY RAIN AND SEWAGE FLOODING CLASSROOMS..Teachers and Learners in distress
30. April 2024 | Dandora, Nairobi, Kenya
Heavy rainfall, our delapidated St. Benedict Community classrooms are in  a mess, our children in peril. We must remain vigilant that nobody gets  hurt. Damage to school equipment and danger of infections always loom when sewage from the  slum is running through our school. We hope to be in a secure place next  year - this depends on compassionate sponsors as the plans for  construction are ready made. See detailed relocation plans grant appeal here ...

2. April 2024 | Nairobi, Kenya
wiLearn held a Train the Trainier workshop in the Nairobi slum to increase the footprint of free access to mobile learning among children. The story is told by the protagonist Chris Kiarie who himself completed his primary school at age 36. His story of redemption transcends the boundaries of despair to bring rays of hope and vibrant life to marginlised children in the slums of Nairobi. Meet Chris, a man whose life's journey has been a testament to the saving faith in Christ, culminating in a beacon of light that shines brightly for those lost in the darkness of addiction. Video

iLEARN.KE WEBSITE LAUNCH ..Wajir Smart Learning
20. December 2023 | Wajir, Kenya
Have a look - and explore its features. The Wajir Smart Learning team is excited to mark its first global presence. Please feel free to share it within your networks and send us your feedback - as a learning organisation we appreciate your input so that we can grow. This website serves as a vital tool in communicating our education mission in the region. Our site has a shop that will expand over time to give you direct access to our equipment and services available.

16. December 2023 | Kajiado, Kenya
Ready for Delivery Services? Yes, this time it's not the Pizza delivery nor the Bodaboda taxi that is swiftly moving  through traffic. It's the Kajiado Mobile Digital Learning KMDL team who will negotiate dusty roads delivering multimedia learning content to schools in 5 remote villages in Kenya!
Sam Mbogo and his team togehter with Victor Malombe have prepared the ground for a fresh start in 2024 to regularly deliver smart teaching classes. Beneficiaries are teachers and learners of five selected primary and secondary schools who run at  the bare minimum of vital education infrstructures.
Thanks to generouos private donations in december 2023 we can start this exciting project with 2 moLLi cases at the beginning of the new school year.
Watch this space for the kickoff of our latest project called Kajiado Mobile Digital Learning and find our detailed Project Proposal here...  
To develop the project fully we still seeks sponsors for 3 additional solar powered mobile libraries!
NEW LIFE  FOR OLD TECHNOLOGY .. wiLearn boosts edTech solutions
8. September 2023 | A.E.F. Ruben Primary School, Kenya
Rubens Primary faced the challenge of an outdated eLearning platform with over 200 ageing Android tablets at their school. The performance and app compatibility of the mobile learning devices donated by Profuturo in 2017 were increasingly hampering the learning process. wiLearn 4 Life was contacted for advise and a great solution was found to salvage old equipment and breathe new life into the technology at the brink of obsolescence. By combining the wiLearn offline platform with the Profuturo equipment the old gadgets can again provide the interactive lessons via the browser at the touch of the screen.
Our collaboration to extend the education library will continue. Full  Assessment  Report here...
TRANSFORMED BY LOVE .. from rejected Streetchildren to Beacons of Hope
1. September 2023 | Dandora, Kenya
Final Exams for Primary (KCPE) and Secondary (KCSE) are just around the corner. Every year the learning goes a notch up around September when the final preparations for the national exams are taking place. Alumni SBCC teenagers motivate school kids and talk about their keys to succeed and rise to the next level of quality education. Food, hard work, a care taker and  reputable digital learning library changed their life's prospectives!
Mishel, Ruune, Mary explain how exam revision papers on wiLearn libraries has helped them to prepare.

Maasai Smart Learning Workshop



Kris Kiarie and his team Ka Soba (stay sober) have a story of true transformation to tell. Once criminal, addicted and a burden to society he experienced God's healing of mind, body and soul during a rehab time away from the streets of Nairobi. Returning to his hometown Kuwinda after his rehabilitation he has been on a mission ever since - giving youngster in the slum a direction in life, being their to support youth and foster them to develop their talents for the good of society. The Kuwinda community library was Kris's answer to keep children out of harms way and prevent addiction to glue or alcohol. He founded the "Ka Soba" community group of youth and parents to build a place where youth can be, meet, learn, play and receive a listening ear.  Sam Mbogo, our librarian friend from the Marist University supported Kris to get started with the wiLearn wiFi library to  improve literacy and learning skills among the Kuwinda youth.   
This community has thrived on the donated iPads and the wiFi library ever since. The equipment is used daily in a well organised environment. We are proud to be part of this project.
Sam Mbogo is about to launch another 5 school communities in Kajiado district and we are looking forward to funding support for these life changing projects.

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Smartboard move to Wajir

Teaching and learning with Msingipack at AIC Academy in Wajir - attached is the wiLearn library with self-learning software developed by Virtual Essence, Nairobi. The MsingiPACK lessons are alinged with the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) that the Kenyan Government has been implementing since 2018. The licenced content is donated  by wilearn sponsors. The Wajir Smart Learning (WASLE) organisation is leading the developing project. The WASLE team currently operates with 2 mobile teaching libraries and one classroom smart board with library. They can reach approximately 2000 children, some of them do not attend a formal school or have dropped school due to lack of resources in the family.
Your support for this amazing volunteer teachers is invaluable. They are committed to reach the marginalised kids despite rough and dusty roads and uncovered travel expenses. Your donation will boost this team and help the pastoralists gaining mobile learning skills, teachers digital competence and mulitmedia teaching skills in class!
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St.Benedict Community Center (SBCC) has adopted Smart Learning in March 2020.  Since then numerous homeless streetchildren have passed through the center, receiving love and care, a warm meal and digitally supported primary education. Rune and Mary are two examples who have moved on and are a shining example among their peers in secondary school.
The situation with the school venue has become precarious in October last year, when the landlord announced plans to sell the plot and evict SBCC from the premises. With the help of Swiss sponsors wiLearn facilitated to buy a 100 m2 plot of land around Dandora to care for the homeless children. We are still short of 3500 CHF to make final payment for the plot.
Land title transfer is almost complete, so our wiLearn team visited the new plot togehter with an architect. We discussed the plans of SBCC to develop the plot asap to continue the caretaking for the over 160 school-age children. SBCC seeks urgent support to plan, temporary relocation and construction of the new center. An estimated 90'000 USD is needed to commence the first two floors of a mulitstory care center with the potential to add 3 more floors as funds are available.  
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ILOIRERO and Olululunga are the 2 schools in the Gamewatchers Safris conservancy that operate and learn wih wiLearn Mobile Learning Labs.  Thanks to the kind support from the PD Foundation and Gamewatchers Safaris the project continues with the Maasai communities in 2023. The program boosts digital literacy and saving the wildlife in Kenya's most vulnertable ecosystems!


mobile Learning Lab interactive means to start digital quality education without internet!  The moLLi case is built to support smart learning in remote and underserved locations.

346 million

Children & Youth are denied access
to learn with digital education content

The UN Sustainable Development Goals - SDG 2030 - demand more equal access and better quality education for all!

wilearn 4 Life stands in the gap of the digital divide. Children hungry for knowledge can now freely access multimedia libraries. We teach mobile learning competencies to make life long learning a reality to the bottom billion. Because ICT skills have become vital for an active participation in a digitised world.    



Teacher with minimal qualification need mentors and guidance to use technology in class. The wiLearn workshops will give them a hands on experience that changes their way of learning and teaching.  Enhance the chances of people born and raised in most challenging circumstances and sponsor a workshop. For 4000 USD up to 20 teachers can participate in a digital training. Your support is vital to a child focussed education which prepares children for the connected world. Sponsor our wiLearn instructors to run workshops across East Africa teaching  vital digital learning skills to underpriviledged communities. Read more...


The scars of war and instability in the region has had its toll on this generation of school age children. They lack virtually everything for a regular, secure and qualiry edcuation. Mobile learning like wiLearn promotes with their digital learning labs could be part of a solution to make an impact and tackle the education crisis of the youngest nation on the globe. wiLearn seeks Your support to develop a Juba based education server to promote free access to interactive learning content. Our offline labs will make grade specific tuition freely available to the local smart phone users such as teachers, parents or school leaders and pupils. With your support we can bridge the digital divide and establish a quality eLearning opportuntiy for South Sudan's children.  Impact Investment is most sustainable through education by  supporting the most vulnerable children and youth to learn for life and preparte them with digital skills for the connected world!


At the secondary school in harsh Northern Kenya 120 boys have discovered the new resources of a wiLearnCAP server. Rose has a passion for teaching and launched a collaboration with wiLearn to get a digital library to the remote schools to enhance the study material and students skills. They are in need of mentoring and instructions to make the best of their equipment and need more tablets. With just 10 tablets it is not sufficient to give the learners adequate time in class or for after class studies. With just 200 USD you can help a student study multiple exams and hone on the subjects that he is not fully ready for. Your support of just 200 USD can change a life!


When communities are left out from public services, the community has to help themselves. Education supposed to be a basic Child Right but in the mega cities the rift between "those who have" and "those who want" is growing. To give marginalised people a voice they need regular and safe education, empowered with todays digital learning tools. wiLearn 4 Life enables such offline communities to step up the digital media competence with simple and affordable technology based on smart phones and Android tablets.

60 %

of the African population has no access to internet

World Internet users 2019 Poplation Stats
wiLearn project focus primarily on the forgotten and most vulnerable people living in crisis areas and hard to reach places
At the heart of the wireless learning lab is the digital library full with curriculum relevant content accessed at zero cost. Digital information is available to 50 mobile learners at anyone time. No internet conncetivity is needed! The platform is powered with solar energy and batteries to operate up to 5 hrs per day in areas that lack reliable electricity.


wiLearn 4 Life is part of the global initiative

we develop simple strategies using wifi technology to deliver safe quality learning content for the new generation of learners. Access is free and learning content is adaptable anytime  via mobile devices. Upgrades from global networks can also be done when connected to an internet LAN adapter.
wiLearn 4 life develops multimedia education modules adjusted to local context. We customize the content to suit the objectives of the learning communities. Workshops, facilitator and teacher training enhance confidence and competence to the level where digital content can be developed locally.  Enriched server content depicting local culture and languages makes the learning hub more relevant for more people because access comes at zero cost.  We love to improve learning opportunities together with the most vulnerable children, youth, parents, teachers.

It is a big advantage that our offline learning hotspot is Child Safe. The server does not connect to a poluted internet and never distracts learners with social media channels.  The local wiFi network is delivering the safe learning environment for anybody who can master an internet browser. Preloaded education modules are focussed on competency based curriculas, blended- and self-oriented learning skills. Digital media skills have become vital to reduce vulnerability and poverty. Children and Adults accessing quality learning content are better prepared to live a dignified life in a digitised world.
great fun to learn with wiLearn

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Children & Youth are
out of school worldwide

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