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Teachers must be learners...

To make the education system effective again we all have to learn something. The world has changed the was we communicate, learn, work and live.
We all have adapted to our digital environment to some degree - even in the most remote location of the globe.
Education was inteded to prepare the individual for life. Teachers at the forefront of learngin should be the first to transition to mobile and digital learning themselves because their task is to teach the next generation of children for the productive life in a digital world -
As we all strive to go from learning to earning we shall not overllok the fact the the life skills have to be focussed on a different opportuntiy then 50 years ago.  Todays job requirements suggests that digitally illiterate workers are increasingly underqualifed for any job and face a major disadvantage.

So its not a question if digital skills should be aquired, but rather how and when they become part of our daily routines?

We therefore believe that teachers and facilitators who did not have the chance to benefit from the multimedia information of the internet need a thorough skills training opportuntiy to catch up with the face paced information age.
CBC the competency based curriculum
The Kenya National education strategy to deliver a good quality education from kindergarden to adolesence is called CBC. In a digitised world the 21st century skills include self oriented learning, critical thinkinng and digital media competence as a key pillar in modern education.
wiLearn workshops for teachers are addressing the integration of ICT in the learning process. The workshop schedule is addressing this curricular objectives with mayn practicle exercises.
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