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Great Excitment among teachers for RACHEL Plus content! Teachers in Manghetti Dune first discovered Fantastic Phonics - the English learning program with cartoons, pronounciation training, written excercises and games.  They immediately recognised the added value for themselves and recommended to install the OER software on the school computer labs for the pupils to learn at a new level.
Interteam has championed the placement of the RACHEL Plus Server donated by wiLearn 4 Life within a program called PEZA - Personel in Developement Cooperations. See...
Namibia's Government has a very strong committment for the public education. Their large annual investments in the sector shows their conviction to build a stable nation through education excellence. Inclusion is not only addressed by the lawmakers, but the Government takes initiative to advance quality teaching and learning for children with disabilities.

Innovative eLearning programs could be next steps, where wiLearn 4 Life enhances the output to address the special needs of children with disabilities.
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