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Head Humanitarian Aid WV Switzerland

"We are committed as a group of passionate learners to take life changing learning platforms to communities that express their desire to be free to learn and discover their own strength and personal  capacity."

wiLearn 4 Life was founded as a charitable organisation on the 15. July 2018 in Lufingen, Switzerland.

The founding members are:
Daniel Kast, Michael Kellenberger, Rachel Wille, Samuel Wille, André Mebold, Priska Mebold, Christine Diethelm, Roland Diethelm

Head Humanitarian Aid WV Switzerland
Roland Diethelm
Founder & CEO
+41 76 215 09 63

"My passion is to discover  the creativity of people, encourage and empower them with modern technology to reach their full potential."
Roland is a federally certified Electrician, trained  as an Airline Pilot, was Training Captain, and Chief Pilot before serving as a Ground Operations Manager in the international aviation industry. Through his calling as a missionary pilot with MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) he gained over 10 years of valuable Afrika experience. He had the priviledge to support countless humanitarian missions and development projects accross southern and eastern Africa.
After various management positions as well as a trustee of a Charitable Organisation he began working as a country program manager for World Vision Switzerland. He attended post graduate studies on international development at the ETH Zürich, was promoted as team leader to manage the longterm development programs for World Vision Switzerland in 19 countries on 4 continents.
Beginning 2016  he was called to start a new aquisition team within the International Programs Department to increase project partnerships with foundations and multinational corporates in Switzerland. A year later he acted as Director of International Programs ad interim before tackling the new challenges as Head of Humanitarian Aid in Sept 2017.
Recognising the innovative and future looking power of digital learning skills to overcome the vicious cycle of poverty  he increased his focus and founded wiLearn 4 Life in July 2018. Today Roland acts as Chief Excecutive Operations for the Swiss charity organisation providing digital learning opportunities to marginalised and disconnected communities worldwide.

Social Management - Counselling
ICT Techer - Research and Development
ICT Techer - Research and Development
ICT Expert & Teacher
Christine Diethelm
Strategic Support
+41 76 488 11 36

„Menschen in ihrem ganzen Wesen wahrzunehmen, ihnen auf Augenhöhe zu begegnen und sie individuell zu fördern ist meine grosse Leidenschaft.“
Christine ist Dipl. Coach SCA und hat sich nach einer Grundausbildung in Seelsorge durch eine Vielfalt von verschiedenen Weiterbildungen im beratenden Kontext kontinuierlich weitergebildet. Viele Jahre konnte sie im kirchlichen und interkulturellen Umfeld, sowie als Firmenseelsorgerin ihre Kompetenzen einbringen und erweitern.
Während mehr als zehn Jahren Mitarbeit bei MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) im internationalen Umfeld (Afrika) und insgesamt 19 Jahren Erfahrung in der Vorstandsarbeit von NPO’s, Schwerpunkt Personal, wuchs ihre Faszination, Neugier und Zuneigung für Menschen mit den unterschiedlichsten kulturellen, beruflichen und persönlichen Prägungen.
Seit 2015 arbeitet sie bei der Stiftung Sozialwerke Pfarrer Sieber und leitet dort das Gassencafé Sunestube, wo Menschen am Rande der Gesellschaft Gemeinschaft, Gastfreundschaft und individuelle Unterstützung erfahren. Parallel zu dieser Arbeit hat sie sich an der Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz im Bereich Führen in NPO’s und Leiten von Teams zusätzliches Fachwissen angeeignet.

Michael Kellenberger
Teacher ICT- Research & Development
+41 76 409 63 60  

„To experience how an apprentice celebrates a light-bulb moment after overcoming a learning hurdle is an emotionally and cognitively very uplifting feeling"

Michael obtained his education as an Electrical Engineer FH in System Engineering and then worked at the Institute of Microsystems Engineering at the Fachhochschule Ostschweiz (University of Applied Sciences) in the field of Microsystems Technology for ten years. His field of activity was among others research and development of micro sensors for the textile industry. As a member of the board he was responsible for the education of students and apprentices at the institute.
Due to his passion to promote people, he trained at the Zurich University of Teacher Education to become an ICT specialist teacher for vocational training. For more than 20 years he has been teaching electronics technicians, physics lab technicians and computer scientist EFZ in technical education. He has been a full-time employee at the TBZ Technische Berufsschule Zürich (technical vocational school) since 2003.
A personal focus of his teaching activities is research and further development of the competence-promoting learning arrangement called "Self-Organized Learning" at the TBZ. With more than 15 years of experience, he was able to coach other vocational schools to introduce and establish this "Self-Organized Learning" approach.
Michael has been working part-time as an individual psychological counselor (ICL) with men in private as well as professional contexts since 2006.

Rachel Wille
Partnerschaften und Fundraising
+41 79 543 40 36

„Mein Herz schlägt für innovative Projekte, in denen die Menschen im Zentrum stehen und sich mit Eigeninitiative und Herzblut einbringen.“

Rachel hat Kommunikation und BWL an der Universität Zürich studiert und war in verschiedenen Unternehmen im Bereich Kommunikation, Marketing und Verkauf
tätig. Als Fundraising Verantwortliche für Partnerschaften mit Unternehmen und Stiftungen arbeitete sie in den letzten sechs Jahren bei World Vision Schweiz in verschiedenen Abteilungen, zuletzt in den internationalen Programmen. Aktuell macht sie am NADEL der ETH ein Certificate of Advanced Studies in Cooperation and
Daniel Kast
ICT Expert and Partnering

„I am fascinated by the potential of digital learning labs to provide hope for a better future for children in the most challenging environments“

Daniel's past includes a childhood in England and Germany, vocational training in Switzerland, missionary training in New Zealand and India, and professional work in Norway, Liechtenstein, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.
From 1999 to 2018, Daniel held different IT positions at World Vision Switzerland while he continued his studies. In July 2018, he accepted an invitation to join World Vision International as their Director for Donor & Funding IT Solutions.
During his years with World Vision, Daniel has grown more and more interested in connecting his professional background as primary teacher with his studies in computer science and his love for simple technical solutions.
In 2016, Daniel and Ragnhild traveled to Lesotho where he upgraded a computer lab in a mission station school with 550 middle and high school students. Later in 2018, Lesotho’s first RACHEL server is expected to be introduced to the teachers and student in this school.
André Mebold
details pending

wiLearn 4 Life
Zürcherstr. 36
8426 Lufingen
Bank Details:Raiffeisenbank Zürich Airport
CHF  IBAN CH80 8147 4000 0024 8387 2
USD  IBAN CH27 8147 4000 0024 8385 6
SWIFT-BIC: RAIFCH22E74 | BC-Nr. 81474

© Copyright 2018 wiLearn 4 Life is a charity - registration pending - all rights reserved
Phone: +41 76 215 09 63 | Email: info@wiLearn.org | Skype: rodiwv

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